PE Battery Separator
M-Arrow PE Separator Specifications
M-Arrow PE Separators are highly suitable for New generation Batteries which have replace the Old Sintered PVC Separators as they improve overall performance and life of batteries which are compact and have high energy density.

M-Arrow PE Separators An overview:-
  • Eliminates Chances of Shorting
  • High performance even in extreme climatic condition
  • Sub-micron pore size eliminates lead growth
  • Rough & Tough to resist puncture, tear and split
  • Technically the best in comparison to other separators

Technical Specifications

1Electrical ResistanceAuto Industrial0.25 ohm cm Max
0.45 ohm cm Max
2Volume Porosity55-65%
3Mean pore diameter< 0.25 micron
4Elongation at breakTransverse
150% min
150% min
5Thermal StabilityTransverse
1.5% max.
1.5% max.
6Acid Wetting time60 sec.

1Electrical Resistance (ohm/cm2) Industrial/ Auto0.45 max.
0.25 max.
0.75 max.
0.75 max.
Low Electrical Resistance improves electrical performance of the battery.
2Porosity55-65%30-40%High Cranking Power: More Current with PE.
3Average Pore SizeLess than 1 micron20-25 micronEliminates self discharging problem and also eliminates Lead and Antimony growth.
4Acid DisplacementPE separators has low acid displacement to the order of 0.01 ml/cm2It is 0.08 ml/cm2 in PVCLess Acid Displacement means more reserve capacity: Provide maintenance-free performance.
5Oxidation at high temperaturePE separator has better resistant to oxidation than PVC separators.No appreciable resistant to oxidation and also release chlorine gas at higher temperaturesEnhances Service Life of Battery.
6Shorts due to SheddingPE envelope separator eliminate Bottom shorts and Side ShortsPVC separator has shortsNo complaint of one or two cells failure during the battery life due to PE separators.
7Cold dischargePE separator has cold discharge of 9.11 voltsPVC separator has a cold discharge of 8.3 volts.No starting problem even in morning during cold weather.

Hi Tech SoFar PE Separator

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