Luminous Traction Batteries


There are many reasons for accepting Luminous as your Power option. Few of them are written here:-
  • High performance, High reliability & High energy density.
  • Better choice for Heavy Duty application.
  • Battery characteristics comply with IS-5154:1980 & IEC-60254:2005
  • Robust structure, thicker Positive plates are specially designed & manufactured through HADI High Pressure (100 Bar) Die Casting machine for Long cycle life.
  • Positive Active Materials are retained in Polyester Woven Multi Tubes of Low Electrical Resistance & High Bursting Strength.
  • Specially designed Negative Plate Grids for better Active Material Retention.
  • Negative plates contain Highly Durable Long Life Expander to cater for high cycle life.
  • Positive & Negative Plates are separated by imported Micro porous Polyethylene Sleeve of high Volume Porosity & Puncture Resistance to prevent short circuit.
  • Cell Box & Lids are made of PPCP (Poly Propylene Co Polymer) of High Impact Resistance. Cell Box & Lids are heat sealed, so no Electrolyte or Electrical Leakage.
  • Vent Plugs are made of PPCP and Flip Top type for easy handling. Attached plug basket indicates the proper electrolyte level.
  • Terminal Posts & Lids are sealed with Acid Resistant EPDM Rubber Grommet ensuring No Leakage.
  • Cell Posts, Inter-cell Connectors & Terminal Take-offs are made of Lead-Antimony Alloy and designed considering High Rate Discharge specified in IEC-60254:2005.
  • Inter-cell Connectors & Terminal Take-offs are insulated with Plastic (LDPE) Shrouds.
  • Terminal Take-offs are connected with Lead Coated (Acid Resistant) Tapered Brass Thimble and Elastomeric Rubber Insulated Single Core Stranded Copper Cable (Class – 6, 750V).
  • Battery Trays are made of CRCA & HRCA MS Plate as per IS-2062.
  • Battery Trays are painted with Special Acid Resistant PU Paints or Pure Epoxy Powder.
  • Battery Cells are separated with Corrugated Plastic Sheets from MS Trays to eliminate Earth Leakage.